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Candy making is a delicious and rewarding hobby. Whether you are making luscious caramels, tender brittles, divinity, lollipops, caramel corn, toffees, truffles or fudges, you can make professional-quality candies using normal kitchen equipment and utensils!


Experienced candy makers will tell you that candymaking is both a science and an art. One of the most important tools in candy making is a good quality thermometer, but you also need to carefully observe the candy at all times to check for doneness. Using both tools and keen observation and experience will help ensure that your candy turns out great batch after batch. Remember, even the most experienced candy makers have a batch that "flops"; but while the candy may not look picture-perfect it almost always tastes delicious anyway. Some old wives tales will tell you not to make candy when it rains. This isn't precisely true, but changes in temperature, humidity and air pressure may change the cooking conditions.


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Cake decorating supplies from Sugarcraft

... Candy Mold Manufacture AP (Apollo) has recently been closed. Manufacturer, CK Products has purchased all remaining inventory. All Apollo candy molds will slowly be discontinued and some ...

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Philadelphia National Candy Gift & Gourmet Show - Links from Produ

... Philadelphia National Candy Gift & Gourmet Show ... Animated Distributing Inc. Apollo Mold Company. APS Packaging Systems ...

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Candy Mold -- Great Items at Your Price!

...shop for Candy Mold at Amazon.com! / Candy Mold.. We found the Most Popular Candy Mold.....m.. Click here to Bid.. $7.99.. 0.. 1h 9m.. Apollo candy molds x 6 great images.. Click.....for ...

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Cake Decorating Supply Wedding Cake Supply Candy Making Supply

Sells cake, candy and wedding supplies such as boards, pans, plates, pillars, cutters, books and molds.

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Nancys Fancys: Candy Making Supplies


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